Saturday, 9 February 2013

Neil Moss Interview

This is an interview I recently had to do for a Goalkeeper magazine. Some of the questions I often get asked by BTS keepers so I have put it on this noticeboard.

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Mossy and Robbie

Full Name: Neil moss

Age: 37

Current Club: AFC Bournemouth

Previous Clubs:AFC Bournemouth 1991-1995, Southampton, Gillingham (loan)

What gloves are you currently wearing? Zapkam (they sponsor me and my partners goalkeeping school “Between The Sticks”)

What boots are you currently wearing? Nike Tiempo

What are your goalkeeping ambitions? Coaching ambitions, coach all gks at every age and ability

What are your previous achievements in football? Pro for 15 years, promotion at AFC Bournemouth, league 1 player of season 2003/04, 40ish apps in premier league. 270ish apps in total. 7 consecutive clean sheets at AFC Bournemouth (club record) in 1995. Voted AFC Bournemouth all time best goalkeeper in a recent fans vote. Started a highly successful goalkeeper coaching school with my partner Robbie Yates in 2006. AFC Bournemouth 1st Team Goalkeeper Coach for 4 years. AFCB Academy keeper coach for total of 5 years.

Who is your Goalkeeping idol? Don’t have one. I respect all keepers who earn a living from the game because I know how difficult it is.

What is the best thing about being a keeper? Keeping clean sheets

What is the worst thing about being a keeper? Making mistakes

What is the best game you have ever played in and why? Vs. Liverpool in 2000 at Anfield, atmosphere was fantastic. Live on SKY TV and we drew 0-0.

Who is the best keeper you have ever trained with? (pro or non pro) I am lucky to have trained with some top keepers in my time. The best was a young Tim flowers who I trained with once when I was 16. His handling was unbelievable.

What is the best advice you would give to any other keeper? Only take on board advice from people who have an idea what they are talking about. There’s a lot of so called experts out there who think they know it all after doing a 5 day course!

Who has been your biggest inspiration to date? My parents

How do you mentally move on after making a mistake? I didn’t, I would use the hurt and pain of making a mistake to motivate me to not make another one!

Do you have any a specific technique for taking a goal kick? No special technique. I tried to make sure that if I kicked one bad one, my next kick would be a safe kick to get my rhythm back. It didn’t always work!!

If you could pass on any tips to a young keeper, what would it be? Be consistent in the way you keep goal. Deal with the same shot in the same way every training session and match. Work on your weaknesses until they become strengths.

What is the best ground you have ever played at and why? Anfield. Atmosphere and nostalgia.

Who do you think is the greatest keeper of all time? Gordon banks. Way ahead of his time in his training and general gameplay.

Are you left footed or right footed? Right footed

How do you normally prepare in the morning for a match? Watch a film. I wouldn’t allow myself to think about a game until I got into the changing room at 1 o`clock

Which keeper do you think you most resemble? Neil Moss!!

Do you have any regrets in your career? Getting injured at 31.