Friday, 28 October 2011

!! Steve Hard AFC Bournemouth Physiotherapist !!

We are frequently asked to recommend someone who can help with sports injuries. Steve Hard, the AFC Bournemouth Physiotherapist has his own consultancy practice and is obviously extremely highly recommended and has successfully seen Neil through his injuries over many years. If you wish to contact him his telephone number is 01202 755721, he is based at
Dean Court
and his website is

Monday, 18 July 2011

Dorset Development Goalkeepers to be coached at BTS

We are pleased to announce Dorset Development goalkeepers will now be coached at BTS every 3rd week on Mondays, starting from 26th September 2011.Over the years I have worked with & along side Dorset Football Association in many roles as a coach, so this is why I am very happy to be able to work with the Dorset Development goalkeepers on behalf of Dorset Football Association.
I would like to thank Andy Battison (Dorset Football Association Senior Development Officer) for working in partnership with BTS in laying the foundations to develop goalkeepers in Dorset.
Many thanks
Robbie, Mossy, Martin, Nick, Gaz and Jenny

Dates for Dorset Development goalkeeper sessions
Monday 26 September
Monday 17 October
Monday 7 November
Monday 28 November
Monday 23 January
Monday 27 February
Monday 19 March
Monday 23 April